Thursday, January 5, 2017

Happy New Year Part 2

Rogan Richards wishes you a Happy New Year !

Photo Credit : Rogan Richards.

Happy New Year !

Happy New Year Everyone !
I wish you all the best !
This is the first post of the year and is a Muscle Mix with photos of various Muscle Gods posted in their official social media accounts during Christmas Holidays.

Due to many working hours I wasn't able to make the traditional Merry Christmas Posts as all the previous years.

Rogan Richards :

Jay Cutler :

Branch Warren : 

Kille Kujala :

Mattia Vecchi:

Sergej Moser :

Robert Burneika :


Besim Trena :

Ronny Rockel :

Mike Ergas :

Flex Lewis :



 Martin Kjellström :

David Hoffmann : 

Mika Nyyssölä :

Leo Harley : 

Kai Greene : 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Branch Warren Part 14 - A Bull On Stage / Guest Posing

I j-u-s-t can't get enough of Branch in his beast / off season mode.
Seeing him posing and strut on stage in this mode really drives me crazy and everytime I cream my pants.
This is his most recent appearance as a guest poser in NPC Champion Harbor Classic 2016 / IFBB Mel Chancey Port Charlotte Pro 2016 where it took place on October, 29.
Enjoy this unbelievable sexy motherfucker buffalo oozing testosterone and virility from every single pore of his huge body!

P.S I could worship his feet and legs all day long.

The Video :


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