Monday, November 24, 2014

Mike Francois - The Beast From The East

Ridiculously handsome Mike started his career in 1990 being crowned Mr. Ohio, and started competing on the national level in 1992. 

Michael's professional status was earned by winning the National Championships in 1993.
His professional debut was in 1994, winning both the Chicago Pro Invitational and the Night of Champions in New York City.

In March of 1995, Mike won the prestigious Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic (beating out Flex Wheeler) and kept the winning streak alive by winning the San Jose Pro Invitational the following weekend.
Later that year in his Olympia debut he placed 7th.
Francois was never able to improve on his Olympia finishes (10th in '96 and 11th in '97), and was -sadly- forced to retire in 1998 due to a Ulcerative Colitis.
Such a shame for this amazing athlete because in my opinion he wasn't even at his peak.

Michael has the distinct honor of being the only professional bodybuilder to win their first four professional competitions.
Today he remains active in the sport, he's sponsoring the NPC Mike Francois Classic and he has a fitness company.

Stats :

D.o.B : March 4, 1965
P.o.B : Cascade, Iowa, USA
Nickname : The Beast from the East
Height : 5' 8" (173 cm)
Competition Weight : 235 lbs (107 kg)
Off Season Weight : 270 lbs (122 kg)
Arms : 22" ( 56 cm)
Chest : 60" (152 cm)
Legs : 31" (79 cm)
Calves : 21" (53 cm)


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