Saturday, November 17, 2012

Jean-Pierre Fux

Jean-Pierre Fux me..  - ooops sorry - (it is pronounced "fooks") so..
Jean-Pierre Fux back in the day was a promising, huge, huge hot monster.
It's sad that his career ended after his misfortune squat accident in early 00's.

Stats :

D.o.B : 11/05/1968
P.o.B : Brig, Switzerland
Height : 6'2" (1.87 cm)
Off Season Weight : 315 lbs (142 kg)
Competition Weight : 275 lbs (124 kg)


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't he look smoldering hot and sexy stripped naked and tied up in a dark dungeon?

Muscle Addict said...

Hell yeah...Yummy!


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