Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Merry Muscle Christmas Part 9 - Happy New Year ! - Zeb Atlas

Happy (Muscle) New Year To Everyone!!


jim said...

Santa Zeb has so much MUSCLE he takes up TWO posts, instead of just one post for each of those other Santa's. Why Santa Zeb's biceps make their biceps look like puny lumps of coal. What a miserable bunch of milk-muscled weaklings!! lol

jim said...

P.S. - Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!

Muscle Addict said...

Lol! :P
Zeb is a stand alone hunk for sure! He has something that really turns me on (us), so that's why is one of the very few "gay for pay" models/actors that i jerk off for when it comes for porn videos. But, between us i never really believed this term. I think it is a silly excuse for not identified as gays or bisexuals. You can't be straight and fuck men, receive blowjobs, and GIVE too! For me, i would love a combination of Zeb and Bo. My personal Santas! That would be a gift!
P.S Happy New Year Jim, i wish the best!


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