Sunday, May 5, 2013

Lou Ferrigno

Actor, trainer, bodybuilder.
One of the most handsome men ever.
I could write so many things but i'll say one word.. Legend.
A real giant beast.

+ the sexiest Hercules  ever.
+ the beard... I've never seen a man before that his beard suited him so good.

Stats : 

D.o.B : 11/09/1951
P.o.B : Brooklyn, New York
Height : 6'5 (1.96 cm !!!)
Weight : 285 lbs - 316 lbs (130 kg - 143 kg)
Chest : 58" (147 cm)
Arms : 23" (58 cm)
Waist : 34" (86 cm)
Thighs : 29" (74 cm)
Calves : 20" (51 cm)


Anonymous said...

Perhaps no other 'celluloid Hercules' has caused so many cocks to jack off as big Lou has done!He was easily the hottest, hugest and sexiest Herc till date! Why didn't they make movies with him titled, 'Hercules in Marquis de Sade's Dungeon', 'Hercules bound and tormented', 'Hercules Hogtied and Helpless'?!

Muscle Addict said...

Oh dear! You're such a naughty boy!

Anonymous said...

So so sorry, Uncle Muscle Addict!


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