Friday, July 4, 2014

Branch Warren Part 11

I don't normally post competition photos but there are some exceptions and Branch is surely one of them!
So enjoy his amazing physique at the 2014 NPC Northern Colorado Championships as guest poser.


eduardo said...

quads quads quads !!! branch is my fav quadzla !! i jek a lot about these huge legs branch warren has a sensational ass A muscle butt that proudly juts out! S-I-G-H!

Anonymous said...

I´am about to explode!!!!MAN THAT FUCKING HOT thet best BEAST legs ever! Warren is a muscle blond BULL ! I'd love to put my cock between those thighs my blogger!

Anonymous said...

horny sexy beffy and handsome ! Warren is one of my favourite bodybuilders
i couldn't control myself i'm jerking off about these fuckin huge legs and glutes !
huge shoulders Back and traps
when Branch Warren will show his ass for us?

Muscle mania said...

the biggest quads ever !! the king quads ! im hard now Warren branch is my fav bull
oh webmaster i´ll shoot a lot of sperm just buried my dick between those thighs


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