Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mike Ergas

I always thought that Mike was a handsome and sweet guy (and hot as hell) with a great smile full of kindness.

When I learnt that he is openly gay my respect and admiration for him has increased - although I think that this cost him a certain something in bodybuilding scene - and this happened because bodybuilding is so full of assholes who cannot think / admit that gays can be serious and competitive bodybuilders, too - except the porn stuff, escorting etc).

In this sport there are so many in the closet that is almost ridiculous when some people act that there aren't.
I am not in favor of transparency of people's lives but I hate.. I really hate hypocrisy.

Stats :

D.o.B : 05/13/1969
P.o.B : Clearwater, FL, USA
Height : 5' 6" (176 cm)
Off Season Weight : 260 lbs (117 kg)
Competition Weight : 200 (90 kg)
Nationality : Greek - American

P.S : Three days before Mike announced via Facebook his comeback to the stage in 2015! Good luck Mike ! I really wish you the best !
(Mike's last competition was in 2009 at Europa Supershow where he finished 11th).  


Anonymous said...

AMAZING MUSCLE GOD! I´am about to explode!!!!MAN THAT FUCKING HOT He is one of the sexiest men I’ve ever seen and his PEC definitely is THE most beautiful ever But I love men with their BODY HAIR in tact

Anonymous said...

Mike Ergas is a muscle beast it Hotter than Hell Muscle Bull i´d love a Hot view of this Beefy Bull's ass
ohh webmaster i want him naked please!!

eduardo said...

is Mike gay? i didnt know it is absolutely gorgeous. I want to feel and squeeze all of his muscles, put my tongue in every hole and empty his tiny nuts. It is yet again proved that Greek men are the most beautiful people on earth.

Jim said...

Mike could very well be THE hottest man on Earth. I want to support him. Where is he competing in 2015?

Anonymous said...

What happened?! You haven't posted anything new for more than 2 months now! Hope you haven't lost interest in this blog!

Muscle Addict said...

Hello Jim. I don't know yet, i suppose that he will announce it via Facebook.

Muscle Addict said...

Oh hello there! No, i haven't lost any interest for muscles !!
I had some troubles with my account here.

Anonymous said...

Oh? Anyway, thank God you haven't lost interest, Muscle Addict! Waiting to see more muscle mammoths!


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