Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Muscle Christmas Part 13

Merry Christmas everyone !
Muscle Santas are here again !

 Credits :

1) Artwork by the amazing D.ChooiDoodles
2) Alex Ink Perez
3) Alex Ink Perez
4) Unknown Model
5) Jonathan Agassi
6) Adam Bryant & Nicoli Cole in Mistle Hoe.


Anonymous said...

Muscle Santa #1 is my fav i´d love to fuck a real beef old santa claus in a crazy perversion What you think MUSCLEGOD?

eduardo said...

no doubt muscle santas are sexy as fuck! santa 1 is the hottest
Muscle Addict since childhood I fantasize orgies with Santa in my bed he´s so beef and hairy
say You also had these sexual fantasies with santa when you´re a boy?

Anonymous said...

i want muscle chubby santas with white beard fucking my hole I want to sit in your lap and and rolls up in his dick
FUCK ME SANTA I've been a bad boy

Muscle Addict said...

Pervesion is my specialty !
If you like Muscle Santa #1 just hit the D.ChooiDoodles label from this post and you will see last Christmas Muscle Santas !

Muscle Addict said...

Fuck yeah !
I still have !

Anonymous said...

#5 Is Jonathan Agassi, by the way. Not used to seeing him with so few tattoos showing.

Muscle Addict said...

Thanks for the info !


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