Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Oh Fuck.. Is Muscle Gods Blog Dead? UPDATE 2

I just realised that all.. and I mean ALL photos from my posts here -since 2010- are gone.
Truly and utterly gone.

I checked my Gmail and i didn't find any warning or copyright issues email (well, I had some in the past but were solved by deleting certain posts and photos) so this is quite frustrating for me.

I spent many, many, many, hours for this Blog all these years searching for the best quality photos and accurate info about each model/athlete/artist etc etc..

I should probably mention that all photos are still in my Google+ account photo files and Picasa but I don't know how to restore automatically back in their place.

The only thing I did in Google+ was rename the files which contain photos from here and moved them in one file, maybe that's why this shit happened.. but i can't find something in Google for this case.

So... If anyone knows something about this please leave a comment below and let me know.
I will try to make this Blog alive again but it's impossible to restore manually every single post.

Muscle Addict.

UPDATE 1 - 07/01/2015 :

Up to now i haven't found a solution to restore the deleted photos back of the blog.
I guess i have to do it manually for every single post i've made.
This sucks big time.
Ι won't publish new posts for the time being, until some progress, but you you can find me on my other pages :

1) Muscle Gods (Facebook)
2) Muscle Gods II (Tumblr)
3) Muscle God: Jay Cutler (Tumblr)
4) Google+

Thanks for your understanding.


The resurrection of the blog proceeds smoothly.
Oh ! I just want this nightmare to end !


Anonymous said...

good news ! i´m happy for you and your blog it´s incredible i love this mix of bodybuilding +porn
good lucky for you my brother

Muscle Addict said...

Thank you very much for your kind words ! Soon this blog will be alive again .. lol !

Anonymous said...

fuck i jek off a lot with his posts about muscle bulls and horses !! please more muscle bulls and studs!!

Anonymous said...

happy 12015
fucking hot blog !!! i love his posts Muscleaddict load more photos from bodybuilder exposed their muscle butts assholes groins armpits and cocks!!!
yeah a bodybuilder´ass ooze testosterone did you know?

Anonymous said...

hi master your blog is very hard and hot!! i´d like to see many bodybuilders porn pics I am anxious and curious about your posts in 2015 we can expect a lot of muscle porn?

Anonymous said...

incredible blog !!! i love erotic bodybuilding male .Sexy Bodybuilding & Muscle Worship is my fantasie What is the most sexual, most erotic than real naked muscle men?
i live muscle i I breathe muscles.
txks buddy

Anonymous said...

what a pity dude !! amazing blog keep posting bodybuilders and his muscle giant asses for us !!


I can still see your previous posts! why? come back soon please we miss your horny muscle posts
i also want see a lot of depraved muscle pics in 2015

Muscle Addict said...

Because I finished with updates of every single post ! Every post is back to normal ! Hallelujah !


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