Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bogdan Kravchenko

I'm really into off season, relaxed and hairy bodybuilders so these photos of Ukrainian beast Bogdan Kravchenko (during his summer vacation in Montenegro 2013) are an eye candy! (Damn! Those flips flops in bodybuilders are soooo sexy)

Stats : 

D.o.B : ?/?/1977
P.o.B : ?, Ukraine
Height : 5'11" (180 cm)
Weight : 238 lbs (108 kg)


Anonymous said...

Droool! I could spend the rest of my life with my head resting on those massive pecs of Bogdan!

Anonymous said...

fuck Bogdan Kravchenko, is very masculine and hairy as fuck! i´d love to fuck those hairy boobs woffffffff

Anonymous said...

omg fucking ! what a hairy beef stud !! Bogdan Kravchenko make me wet!! what a quads and pecs

Muscle Addict said...

Makes me wet too!


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