Monday, June 22, 2015

Arkady Velichko

I recently found out Arkady Velichko, a young and very promising Russian bodybuilder and all I have to say is that he's so fucking hot and already a beast !
The photos below are from a photoshoot back in September, 2014 when he was 6 weeks out from Russian Nationals in Ekaterinburg.
Damn! Those Russians..

Stats :

D.o.B : 11/16/1986
P.o.B : Krasnodar, Russia
Height : 5'8" (174 cm)
Offseason Weight : ?
Competition Weight : 246 lbs (112 kg)
Hips : 30" (77 cm)


eduardo said...

Arkady Velichko is one of my fav bull legs!
I wonder how much testosterone has been shot into that ass. Woof!
I wanna eat him !

Jim said...

what eduardo said!!

Anonymous said...

Symmetrical, powerful and handsome.
For a slim guy he has surprisingly big quads, I like the way he flexes them
Arkady Velichko i wanna fuck your hole please !!

Anonymous said...

killer quads ! this guy is pure manhood! i wanna Arkady´ass im my face i want to rimming his pink asshole !! oh fuckkkk

gluteos z said...

fucker bull!
Arkady Velichko is gorgeous Good God. What a gorgeous slab of beef Nothing better than big muscle and a big butt
fuck webmaster can you imagine Arkady spreading his muscular butt cheeks?

Anonymous said...

I wish I could feel, smell and taste Arkady´ass. I'd dip my tongue deep in his tight muscle hole and make him moan of pleasure.
WHAT DO YOU THINK Muscleaddict?


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