Friday, January 8, 2016

Justin Compton Part 2 - How much beef can you handle ?

How much beef can you handle?
Hot and very handsome Justin in his.. beastier than beast mode was the guest poser of NPC Elite Muscle Classic 2015 in November 7.
The dirty blond haired mega stud posed in all of his offseason glory on stage and he was beefier than ever.
He left me speechless with a huge boner (I admit that I jerked off) as I was watching him posing and flexing, oozing unbearable sexiness and virility.
I'm wondering who's lucky to sleep with this beast every night!
I really wish him all the best in his future endeavors... (Future Mr. Olympia maybe?)

Backstage :

Video :
Click Me :


Anonymous said...

Groan! What a sexy muscle mammoth! What I wouldn't do to him if he allowed me to do to him, Muscle Addict!

Muscle Addict said...

I would beg to let me worship his meaty feet (among many other things)!


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