Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Michael Kefalianos

Big Mike is a Greek bodybuilder (of Greek and Australian dual citizenship) who is an IFBB pro bodybuilder. He is widely considered to be the best Greek bodybuilder (and we can see why!) .
In 2009 at the IFBB Australia Pro Grand Prix he placed fourth and became the first Greek bodybuilder to ever qualify for the Mr. Olympia competition.
He has since competed in many professional bodybuilding shows, with his career highlight the 2012 Mr. Europe win in Madrid, Spain.

Stats :

D.o.B : 08/09/1970
P.o.B : Lagoudi, Kos, Greece
Height : 5'6" (1.68 cm)
Competition Weight : 230 lbs (104 kg)
Offseason Weight : 260 lbs (118 kg)

P.S : This is the 1st part of this amazing photoshoot for Team Andro in 2011.


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