Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fibo Power 2014

Muscle overdose!
So this is a megapost with some of the Muscle Gods who were at Fibo this year.

Branch Warren :

Branch with Johnnie Jakcson :

Jay Cutler :

Ronny Rockel :

David Hoffmann :

Markus Hoppe :

Jose Raymond :

Jeff Long :

Daniel Toth :

Fouad Abiad :

Fouad Abiad and Cedric McMillan :

Cedric McMillan :

Roelly Winklaar :

Zack Khan :

Phil Heath :

Flex Lewis :

Alexey Lesukov :


Anonymous said...

Roelly Winklaar Branch and daniel toth are my fav bulls ! what a fuckn huge legs I want to stick my finger in their beffed asses woffff

Anonymous said...

MOTHERFUCKERS! Alexey Lesukov Zack Khan and Roelly Winklaar are Daaaaaamn! One of God's most magnificent creations......near perfect male specimen....What a face! What a body! what a men they´re fuckin' hot!!! I'd lick those chests for hours.

Cochinolo said...

Short bulky bodybuilders are my weakness. Jose Raymond is so sexy. His hands are enormous. Just one Jose's finger in my tight hole would do it for me. I wish I was his driving wheel. That sexy smile of his is so seductive. I'm hard whenever I see his pics.

Muscle Addict said...

Holy fuck! You are in my mind! That's what i think when i see Jose's hands and fingers! Imagine a hot fingering session with him!

eduardo said...

Imagine a hot fingering session with
Alexey Lesukov
Roelly Winklaar
Branch Warren
and of corse Daniel Toth oh muscleaddict Daniel is got a giant butt what he did?


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