Friday, February 27, 2015

End Of An Era - Google Bans Explicit Sexual Content

By now, I think that you are aware of the new policy of Google "clean up or get out" ..
Oh wait ! We still have the "private" solution ! Yeah, right !
Going private won't solve the problem, it will kill once and for all Blogger .
So the question is... Delete sexual content and continue with politically correct posts or going private and post in vain ? (or migrate to Wordpress?)
No matter what this is the official Death of Blogger.
Any advice would be appreciated.

P.S : Dear Politically Correct this is for you !


Anonymous said...

I'm fuckin with hate with google !!
please dont closethis blog put it in private after migrate to Wordpress!!!

eduardo said...

for the time being I'll let my blog in the private but I intend to migrate to wordpress I have opened a free account at but there is a paid version really good
most bloggers doing the same
I advice you brother!
fuck your ass GOOGLE!!!

add me

Anonymous said...

blogspot adult porn is failed!!! go to wordpress is the better !!


HEY GUYS ! Google turning back and releases pornography in HIS blogging platform
omg! i´m happy i want to see a lot of muscle horny nude men in here
fuck yeahhhhh

Muscle Addict said...

And now Google reverses ban ! I guess backlash was huge. They are afraid to lose users. So, we are safe.. for now.

Anonymous said...

WHY you take so long to update the blog? time?
please give me pics of muscle men showing his asses balls and pecs!

CelebMen said...

I had the same problem with blogger. You should move to a more gay friendly blog host. I had a backup blog imported to because they have a history of being gay/adult friendly so i know I'm not going to get deleted.

Anonymous said...

im a sissy fag and luv muscle


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