Monday, November 16, 2015

Branch Warren Part 13 - Muscular Development January 2015 - Photoshoot

Some men get better with age and Branch is for sure one of them !
He is on the cover of Muscular Development Magazine in January 2015 (I know, I'm a little late) and he looks more rugged and sexier than ever!
I am going to upload the original scans with his interview plus the processed and cropped versions as seperated photos.

Bonus :


eduardo said...

fucking muscle beast check out those huge legs branch´s legs make me a boner my dick squirit cum when i see his bull legs and about you webmaster?

Muscle Addict said...

I have jerked off and creamed my pants many times watching Branch posing and flexing like a strut tiger on stage. He's one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

holy fuck what a buffalo bull!! Massive Neck tits and legs ! This hot specimen of male bull make me cum!
hey addict what did Branchen warren to get those massive legs? I heard that they fill their asses of steroids!! woffff fuck


Stunningly sexy and tight bodied buffalo with a great set of massive tits and legs really Branch has always been part of My Wet Dreams and pevert muscle fantasies in my bed
i want to milk this blond bufallo !!!

Anonymous said...

Pure genetic this guy is a delicious motherfucker ! i saw pictures of Branch warren in their teens when I was a just a young player soccer team he had thick thighs and and large hips. CONCLUSION genetic + training + steroids = muscle bomb
i always cream my shorts when I see Branch´s tree trunk legs
fap fap fap !!!!


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