Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Leo Bartenev

Sexiness overload!

Leo is a young bodybuilder from Russia.
Besides from being hot and sexy he's a very handsome and cute man (which is rare in bodybuilders).
I didn't find much information about him - except that he's a programmer- so if anyone knows something please let me know!
Enjoy his new photoshoot!
Photos by Andrei Vishnyakov.

Stats : 

Full Name : Leonid Bartenev
D.o.B : 25/03/?
P.o.B : Saint Petersburg, Russia
Height : 5' 9.5" (177 cm)
Weight : 227 lbs (103 kg)


Anonymous said...

Woof! What a sexy muscle stud! And so boyishly handsome too! There are plenty of his photos around. While he gamely shows his hot muscle ass, it's a no-no when it comes to showing his pecker! He has such massive pecs and a butt too.

Anonymous said...


Julio Adari said...

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Muscle Addict said...

1)To anonymous: Yeap,he's fucking hot. Especially in his hairy mode.

2)To anonymous 2: No, not all. I was absent due some personal issues (moved out, new job etc)

3)To Julio Adari: Thank you very much for your proposal but my free is very limited the last months.

Pectease said...

Hey, he's very cute. Would love to do some late night coding with him...


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