Monday, October 24, 2016

Sandro Hofer

In the age of... weird enormousness here comes an amazing athlete from Switzerland.
His name is Sandro Hofer, a very handsome man with a body that screams great symmetry (a forgotten word in bodybuilding the last years) and hard work.
He is also huge in all right places as you can see!

Stats :

D.o.B : ?/?/1985
P.o.B : Zurich, Switzerland
Height : 5' 9.5" (177 cm)
Weight : around 253 lbs (115 kg)

2016 :

2014 :



2013 :

(with Lukas Wyler)

In Arnold Classic Amateur 2013 :

(with Waldemar Koslow and Vitaly Fateev)





A few hours before Arnold Classic Amateur 2013 :

A few weeks before Arnonld Classic 2013 :




(in IFBB Herbstmeisterschaft)

Unknown Year :



2011 :
In Fibo Power :


The Video :


Anonymous said...

Woof! What a testosterone filled sexy muscle factory!

romildo souza said...

adoro seu blog, só musculosos super fortes e super quentes, cada mais maravilhoso do que outro, gostaria ser amigo pelos de um. obrigado.

romildo souza said...

espero respostas do meu comentário, e continuar recebendo essas maravilhas de postagens desses musculosos fabulosos.


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