Monday, March 14, 2011

Chris Stimson

1970 - 2000.

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Lou Messina said...

CHRIS STIMSON had just turned national-level when the motorcycle accident happened in November, 2000. I found out early on the morning I went to pick up the press passes for him and me to cover the NPC Nationals for East Coast Muscle.

I met him at his first competition. He called to thank me for the posing advice I gave him. He was unusually friendly and comfortable to be with. We became close friends. He began to work with me on East Coast Muscle. I began his website as part of East Coast Muscle.

We'll never know how far he would have gone. He reached 6'4" 280#. The traffic to his website surpassed pro bodybuilders who also housed their websites in East Coast Muscle. He was scheduled to be the third bodybuilder from East Coast Muscle, following Aaron Maddron and Bill Davey, to make a personal workout video two months later (

I was lucky to have been his friend. I still miss him.


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