Monday, March 7, 2011

Carl Hardwick (aka Rusty Jeffers)

Two names, one man. And what a man!A legend among thousand muscle men and models. From amateur bodybuilder as Rusty Jeffers to Playgirl Magazine as a model, and then the Colt era in the mid-90's, where he became the iconic Carl Hardwick, modelling for almost 10 years (1996-2005). Despite he never did a true "gay" video with another man, (except the flexing, showing off and stroking / jack off, thing - lol) his status is in a very high level untill today. The reason why is that he's just got it all (especially in Colt days), great looks, a body to die for, huge legs and arms, hairy chest (or shaved sometimes), a delicious ass and cock. Nowdays he is just Rusty Jeffers a - still - hot  pro bodybuilder, (won in 2004) with little references on his past, but his "alter ego" will live forever as the ideal muscle god / daddy for us gays.

Stats :

D.o.B : 05/14/1964
P.o.B : Kenmore, New York and grew up in Georgia and Boulder, Colorado, now living in Phoenix, Arizona.
Height : 5'9" (1.75 cm)
Off Season Weight : 260 lbs (108 kg)
Competition Wight : 230 lbs (104 kg)
Cock Size : 8" (20 cm)

P.S  It's so hard to choose the photos - I have like a gazillion of him - to start  my Carl Hardwick post/s..! But gradually i will post them all, he worth it!
Let's begin with the Black And White series.


  1. What's amazing about Carl Hardwick is how different he looks with and without a moustache. (I suppose any man would -- except for Tom Selleck..LOL). It's like he has several photographic alter egos. While I'm partial to furry men, I'd accept Carl with or without his moustache -- as long as he kept that furry chest...LOL.

  2. I have a very large collection of photos/files of nude men but if I had to get rid of them all except one model, without any hesitation I'd say that one man would be Carl Hardwick. Hottest daddy-stud of them all!

  3. Carl Hardwick ... This is the definition of a man.

    That big, thick mustache does it for me. I get a boner every time I look at this man.



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