Monday, March 14, 2011

Craig Titus

Craig Titus is a special case.. i'll focus on his days of glory.
Bad choices drives do bad things.
Hope he has regret now.
The half French and half Greek had his chance to be one the future icons back then, but he used to be a real asshole - and a real hunk! lol.

Stats :

D.o.B : 14/01/1965
P.o.B : Wyandotte, Michigan
Height : 5'9" (1.75 cm)
Off Season Weight : 267 lbs (121 kg)
Competition Weight : 242 lbs (109 kg)


Anonymous said...

Is Craig Titus released from the big house? I saw the TV show about his trial for the death of Melissa James. He didn't look anything like in the pictures.

Muscle Addict said...

Nah.. He is convicted of second degree murder and he's sentenced to 21 to 55 years in prison. Yeah he's a shadow of himself these days..and I guess he deserves this no matter how hot or hunk he used to be.

Anonymous said...

So where is Kelly Ryan now?

Ruidosored said...

There will be a book about Craig Titus set to be published at the beginning of next year. In the book, Craig will detail everything that lead up to the death of Melissa James, the cover up, the run to Boston, details about his CCDC time, and the reason he took a plea deal. It will answer every question ever asked about the death of James, his lifestyle- sex and drugs, and he does not hold anything back. He will not profit from the book, but wants the truth told.


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